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Brother May – Aura Type Orange

Brother May’s debut album, Aura Type Orange, comes produced with Mica Levi and fuses May’s tendencies for commercial and experimental rap with esoteric production and structures. His debut release reflects on the realisation of inner potential, exploring concepts of growth and evolution while clearly exhibiting May’s own development as a lyricist, producer and creative talent.


Aura Type Orange is a realisation of coming from without into within. It’s accepting the past blue areas of your life and moving forward into the orange glow of positivity. Also being confident enough to use that energy for the enhancement of others, just as the sun gives energy to the world. I realise that ‘Aura Type Orange’ wouldn’t have happened without this realisation of self. Pure GRATITUDE, for the positive and negative alike. - Brother May


Written and performed by Brother May

All produced by Mica 'Micachu' Levi and Brother May
Except 'Backpack Melody' instrumental produced by Coby Sey; Additional production by Micachu
'Reppin' produced by Micachu and Rob 'Mack' McCormack

Mixed by Dilip Harris
Mastered by Amir Shoat
Photography by Amber Felix
Artwork by Mr Innu


Self Released; 2019

Brother May

Songwriter, producer, and MC Brother May is more than just a multi-disciplinary artist: he’s a creative auteur, sculpting spontaneous ideas into new and innovative forms through music and sound that’s based upon ideals of freedom and expressivity.