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Carla Bozulich – 9.4.15

Art-Punk, Noise-Rock, What-Effing-Ever - Carla Bozulich never does it the same way twice and this is no exception. Featuring the first time release of power medly 'L.A / Underdog', alongside haunting reworkings of traditional Scottish folk song 'MacCrimmon’s Lament', Bozulich's low slung and unwavering vocals flip every binary idea you ever had and whisks up your genre boundaries for good measure. Whether you are pissed off or full of joy by the end of it, Bozulich expends so much energy on a set it is impossible not to be moved. 


Carla Bozulich  / guitar, voice

Don the Tiger / guitar, electronics

Sage Charles / drums (on Track 6)


Recorded by Tom Mudd on Sunday 19th April 2015. Mixed by John Chantler. Mastered by James Dunn. 

Available as a 320k MP3 or 24bit FLAC download.  


1. Evangelista II (Bozulich)

2. Red Headed Stranger Medley (Willie Nelson)

3. Artificial Lamb (Bozulich, Sam Mickens, JHNO)

4. MacCrimmon’s Lament (Traditional Scottish Folk Song)

5. Gonna Stop Killing (Bozulich, JHNO)

6. L.A / Underdog (Bozulich, JHNO, Nels Cline)

7. Drowned To The Light (Bozulich)

8. The Blue Room (Bozulich)

Carla Bozulich

Carla Bozulich is an art-punk heroine. Time and again she has headed up bands that sound like nothing else and arguably stake out genres unto themselves: the bent agit-prop of Ethyl Meatplow; the ferocious roots-tinged epic rock of The Geraldine Fibbers; the vocal-driven sound-art of Scarnella and Evangelista; her large-scale performances including the ongoing Eyes For Ears series.

“A roaming creativity and rich depth of emotion across its ten relatively compact tracks... [Boy] is anchored by the ever-visceral voice of Bozulich, as raw and emotion-soaked as ever, accompanied by the evocative instrumentation of Bozulich, her main collaborator John Eichenseer and drummer Andrea Belfi, subtly balancing angularity, noise and sparse restraint, painting and often dark and quietly unsettling, but utterly enthralling picture, shot through with flashes of heart-warming light.” – Rock-A-Rolla