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Cheryl E. Leonard – Schism

"Stumbling into the Age of Loneliness
I carry cloudy glass bottles to the edge of the Pacific.
After 100 years in dirt beneath San Francisco
they breathe fresh ocean air,
fill with the energy of breaking waves.

Microphones inside, ear to conch, I hear shadows:
scurrying, wing flaps, chirps and chatters, whimpers and bellows.
So many creatures, once emerged from the sea, now gone.
How many vessels would the disappeared fill?
What is the weight of a lost species?

I make an offering of listening
to help me carry all these ghosts we made."

Cheryl Leonard

Life through the computer. We all have had to grapple with it over the past year, as we attempt to wring as much meaning, intimacy, experience and variety as we can from our shiny boxes of electronics. Concerts, plays, ballet, meetings, dates, dinners, coffees and conferences all became just a click away. Some of us cocooned ourselves in soundscapes lost, from old streams from noisy bars, to recordings of natural locations we could no longer get to. It...  more


Composed, performed, and recorded by Cheryl E. Leonard

Mastered by Thomas Dimuzio at Gench Studios
Liner Notes by Cheryl E. Leonard

Words by Kate Carr 

Artwork and design by Juliána Chomová 

Stone composition and photography by Ester Sabik 

Risograph print by Kudla Press 

Photography by Zoltán Czakó

Dedicated to Patty Chen-Wei Liu

Released by mappa as MAP026 in 2021