Chris Corsano - The Young Cricketer

"The Young Cricketer plays out like a showreel for Corsano’s miraculous dexterity and virtuosity as a drummer. It’s a set of recordings made during Corsano’s time living in Manchester back in 2006 utilising all manner of objects and apparatus to offset and treat his drumkit, often morphing its sound into something unrecognisable. The Young Cricketer is a beautifully recorded album, with Corsano’s expanded kit occupying a vast stereo field, and every percussive gesture allotted its own distinct place in the mix. Consequently, this is probably the most thorough representation of Corsano’s near peerless drumming yet committed to record and stands as a pretty indispensable document for all lovers of free music and percussive invention. Stunning.” - Julien Héraud 


Chris Corsano / percussion


Recorded in Manchester England Feb 1-3, '06 (Except for side a track 2, recorded Jan. 6). Using drums, cymbals, baritone & alto saxophone mouthpieces with plastic tube and/or funnel, and/or shower attachment apparatus, pot lids, lamp base, scotch tape, violin-string-snare-drum contraption, bows, sticks, butter knives, and a superball on a stick, some distortion used on side B when mixing tracks 7 and especially 8, but other than that, no electronics either.

Available as a 320k MP3 or 24bit FLAC download. 


1. What Do We Mean By Coaching? - 0:36
2. Why Are Some Cricket Coaches Better Than Others? - 4:28
3. How Will You Learn More Successfully From Your Coach Than By Just Looking And Listening? - 2:46
4. What Do People Mean When They Say, "He Played Cricket"? - 1:34
5. What Do We Get From Cricket That We Don't Get From Other Games? - 4:01
6. If You Want To Succeed At Cricket, What Attitude Should You Adopt Towards The Game? - 1:57
7. How May Your Parents And Your Employer Help You In Your Cricket Career? - 7:58
8. What's The Correct Way To Stop A Ball? - 0:36
9. How Do You Know That You Have Taken Your Eyes Off The Ball When You Attempt To Catch It? - 1:41
10. What Movement Helps You When You Are Trying To Run Out A Batsmen? 1:53
11. Why Should You Watch The Striker's Bat? - 2:35
12. How SHould You Pick Up The Ball And Throw It? - 1:56
13. How Do You Know Where To Throw The Ball? - 1:55
14. When Should You Throw The Ball At Top Speed? - 2:07
15. How Should You Throw It On Other Occasions? - 1:47
16. Are You Going To Keep Alive The Spirit Of Cricket? (Bonus Track) - 2:39


Chris Corsano

Chris Corsano is one of the greatest drummers working today. He has developed a percussive language of extraordinary amplitude and infinite resources. His collaborations stretch from free jazz greats (Joe McPhee, Paul Flaherty & more) to noise mavens (Bill Nace, C Spencer Yeh etc) and pop superstars (Björk). Capable of generating narrative out of permanent ecstasy, Corsano never ceases to be profoundly affirmative and imposing of his language, and being an absolute and charismatic virtuoso, he simultaneously is one of the most noble and generous improvisers of the few last decades.