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Company – Epiphany

"Quite simply, Company produced some of the most stimulating improvised music you will ever hear." - John Eyles

1982 line-up of Company. Keith Tippett, Fred Frith and George Lewis are joined by concert pianist Ursula Oppens and composer & harpist Anne LeBaron. After playing more frrequently in Japan in the late seventies, Bailey had also invited Motoharu Yoshizawa on bass and Akio Suzuki on assorted instruments like glass harmonica. 


Derek Bailey / guitar
Julie Tippetts / guitar, voice, flute
Moto Yoshizawa / bass
Fred Frith / electric guitar, electronics, percussion
Akio Suzuki / glass harmonica, spring gong, kikkokiririki
Anne LeBaron / harp
Keith Tippett / piano
Ursula Opens / piano
George Lewis / trombone
Phil Wachsmann / violin, electronics


Recorded by Jean-Marc Foussat. Produced by Derek Bailey & Evan Parker. Design by Karen Brookman. Financial assistance by The Arts Council.


Available as 320k MP3 or 16bit FLAC  


1. Epiphany - 47:71

2. First (Duo) - 15:12
3. Second (Trio) - 8:05
4. Third (Quintet) - 10:45
5. Fourth (Sextet) - 8:50
6. Fifth (Septet) - 6:20
7. Sixth (Trio) - 18:26