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Competition – You turned into a painting

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"Competition's Slip debut: laser-etched micro-songs of bruised vocals, sample grabs, and tenderised chamber MIDI. Competition is Newcastle-based Craig Pollard, whose confessional productions also spill into curation and a wider visual art practice (much of it, recently, as one third of the 'Wild Pop' crew)

This mini-album sees Craig atomise songcraft, probing its remnants for signs of soul. Like the post-mushroom recall from which it takes its title, ‘You Turned Into A Painting’ is a queasy scavenging of the mundane. Pollard's voice achingly wears as he circles through lilting observations; his arrangements squeeze something unctuous from innocuous browser snatches and lowly sample packs, eschewing tricksiness in favour of low-key, loving twists."


Artwork by Grace Whitfield. Mastered by Stephen Bishop.

Available as 320k MP3 or 24bit FLAC 


1. talk
2. breaks
3. cul de sac
4. thisisfine.gif
5. crystals
6. the surprising
7. paris rain