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David Rosenboom – Live Ateliers Claus

"The concert of David Rosenboom was a dream come true concert that was able to take place thanks to the collaboration of DePlayer, CafeOto and les ateliers claus. It became a memorable concert with a little stress beforehand as David Rosenboom got robbed on a train in Rotterdam hours prior to the concert in Brussels. The rest of the day we went looking for all the missing pieces of the puzzle in order to let David Rosenboom perform the concert the way he wanted to. Please check the notes of the night itself + per track David Rosenboom wrote the notes."

"This concert was presented at Les Ateliers Claus with a 6.2 sound system using unique, quasi-3D sound diffusion algorithms written by the composer-performer. The result was captured in multi-channel recordings that have been rendered here in stereo in a way that hopefully preserves at least hints of the original, immersive sound environment." David Rosenboom


Mixed and mastered by David Rosenboom.


1. Earth Encomium with Nothingness is Unstable - 13:01
2. Portable Gold and Philosophers’ Stones (Deviant Resonances) - 23:01
3. Transformations on Hymn of Change - 09:57

David Rosenboom

David Rosenboom (b. 1947) is a composer, performer, interdisciplinary artist, author, and educator known as a pioneer in American experimental music. His work explores ideas about the spontaneous evolution of musical forms, languages for improvisation, new techniques in scoring for ensembles, multi-disciplinary composition and performance, cross-cultural collaborations, performance art and literature, interactive multi-media and new instrument technologies, generative algorithmic systems, art-science research and philosophy, and extended musical interface with the human nervous system. He holds the Richard Seaver Distinguished Chair in Music at California Institute of the Arts, where he has been Dean of The Herb Alpert School of Music since 1990. Recent work highlights include: fifty-year retrospective performances at Whitney Museum of American Art, New York (2015); exhibition of brainwave music at Centre Pompidou-Metz, France (2015-2016); exhibition of computer music software innovations at Whitechapel Gallery, London (2015-2016); retrospective of piano music at Tokyo Opera City Recital Hall (2016); premiere of Nothingness is Unstable at ISSUE Project Room, Brooklyn (2017); electronic music featured by inaGRM at Le Centquatre-Paris (2018); and composer-pianist portrait at Center for Experiments at Teatro Colón, Buenos Aires (2018). Following his Whitney retrospective, Rosenboom was lauded in The New York Times as an “avatar of experimental music.” Rosenboom is a Yamaha Artist.