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Éliane Radigue & Julia Eckhardt – Intermediary Spaces

"Éliane Radigue is considered one of the most innovative and influential contemporary composers from her early electronic music through to her acoustic work of the last 15 years. Influenced by musique concrète and shaped by regular sojourns in the United States where she discovered analogue synthesizers, her work unfolds an intensity which is at once subtle and monumental. Through her deep reflections on sound and listening, not only her music but also her working methods have come to shape a widely resonating set of new parameters for working with sound as musical material.

“In the long interview that forms the body of this publication Radigue talks about her work, her reflections and underlying research as well as her historical context. The publication also contains an annotated list of works and Radigue’s programmatic text on “The Mysterious Power Of The Infinitesimal”.”

Edited by Julia Eckhardt with texts by Éliane Radigue and Julia Eckhardt. With 62 black and white illustrations.

Julia Eckhardt is a musician and curator in the field of the sonic arts. She is a founding member and artistic director of Q-O2 workspace in Brussels for which she conceptualised various thematic research projects. As a performer of composed and improvised music she has collaborated with numerous artists and extensively with Éliane Radigue. She has performed internationally and released a number of recordings. She has been lecturing about topics such as sound, gender and public space and is (co-)author of The Second Sound, Conversation On Gender and MusicGrounds For Possible Music, and The Middle Matter, Sound As Interstice.


Published by Q-O2, bilingual (English/French), softcover, 210 pp, 2019