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Food People – Flank

Food People - the delectable trio of Matthew Hamblin, Greg Thomas, and Lila Matsumoto - serve us up a generous portion of swampy psychedelia, avante-blues, DIY folk ramshackle and tape hiss melancholia on this new release. Following in the tradition of British astral-gazing junk connoisseurs Vibracathedral Orchestra, Food People fold their sounds into one another to form slow moving meshed collages of sound. Less focus is put on the progression of each sound, and instead on creating a non-hierarchical space where each guitar riff, wistful violin line, synth wash and tape recording can meet each other and sing together.

To celebrate the release, Food People will play OTO on the 29th of September, as part of a packed bill featuring Kelly Jayne Jones, Chora and The Heads and The Golds.


Food People are Matthew Hamblin, Greg Thomas, and Lila Matsumoto


Cover design by Oliver Barrett



1 - Spotted Grass Sprung [4:56]

2 - Senses me in a Toad [2:02}

3 - Wooden Wall [10:25]

4 - Golem's Dinner [4:31]

5 - Kick the Beam [5:08]

6 - Votive [4:57]

Food People

Lila Matsumoto, Greg Thomas, and Matthew Hamblin are Food People. They have been making sounds together since 2018 but have been friends for much longer. Their music is comprised of ramshackle jams, household sounds, tape work and voice, and has been released on Chocolate Monk, Soundholes, Beartown, Stairwell Editions and Cosmovision Registros Andinos.


‘Their music has many influences and as many results, and they are all great. Now, come a time when concerts are possible again, this is a band I’d love to see play. I foresee a great future for this band.’ – Frans de Waard, Vital Weekly


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