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Free Jazz Quartet – Memories for the Future

The music is extremely light-footed, and unlike some British free improv or AMM music, it is "free jazz" as its name suggests, in the sense that there are themes, there is rhythm, but the openness of texture, the gentle breaking of boundaries and the sonic explorations already hint at another kind of music. In that sense the title is apt, taking good jazz memories from the past, and taking the best of it to make the music of the future. No paradox here, just some forward thinking. - Free Jazz Blog


Tony Moore - cello

Eddie Prévost - drums

Paul Rutherford - trombone

Harrison Smith - tenor / soprano saxophone & bass clarinet



1. A Fertile Valley - 4:46

2. Pulsate - 8:37

3. Summoning - 7:39 

4. Octavian Law - 3:45

5. Vibrational - 9:56

6. Memories Of The Future - 7:24

7. Harmonious Relations - 7:23

8. Blurring Of Boundaries - 5:08


Recorded at a concert given at St George's, Brandon Hill, Bristol during 1992. 

Available as 320k MP3 or 16bit FLAC