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gilgul – OS-22

Straight outta the gutter and splattered onto digital for our Takuroku series, we're pleased to welcome this new suite of incendiary, liquid abstractions from gilgul. We first heard of gilgul's (otherwise known as Genghis Cohn) prolific spell of 7" and tape releases from the enthusiastic words of Kenny from Low Company (RIP). Anyone who has revelled in Wolf Eyes' junk concrete, Graham Lambkin's primal vocal work on 'Poem (For Voice & Tape)', Henri Chopin's tape work and Container's breakneck punk take on techno will a home find in gilgul's macerated sounds. Listing as many comparative names might seem a bit disingenuous, but how gil's work flows seamlessly between different stylistic approaches, while retaining a driving, caustic energy at its core, is truly something to behold.

A worldless incantation, an uncanny apparition from a slime-dripping underworld, a limbless dance by bodies real and unreal. A delight to release such burning hot work by an artist this young (still in his early 20s).


Music by gilgul


Music videos for 'Tollva hof Danse' and 'Bel-Bel' by Gisele P and gilgul.


1 - sermone
2 - letch
3 - bel-bel
4 - gulch
5 - *short improvisation on ceramic plates*
6 - tollva-hof danse
7 - nefesh
8 - kritz
9 - mouf danguul

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