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Hirohiko Yamada, Toshihisa Hirano, Hisayo Kobayashi, Mamoru Nakajo – 山田寛彦, 平野敏久, 小林寿代, 中条護 Jikken Weekend

Jikken Weekend, also known as Experimental Music Concert, is a small artist/composer group based in Tokyo. They mainly hold performance events at l-e, a small venue/art space in Osaka. Two CD compilations of their works have been released on the Taku Sugimoto’s label Slub Music, Experimental Music Concert (2015) and Experimental Music Concert Vol.2 (2017). Early on, many of the members of Jikken Weekend were participants of Sugimoto’s composition workshops.

Aside from that, the members are almost unknown, even to Tokyo’s experimental music scene. In recent years, some of the original members have left, and some new names have joined in. It is said that some of their latest compositions are not suited to audio recording.

So, this cassette can be seen as a chance to check in on Jikken Weekend’s recent work. Hirohiko Yamada, Toshihisa Hirano, Hisayo Kobayashi and Mamoru Nakajo are original members. Similar to their previous releases, each of them brings their own compositions in for recording, while they also contribute as musicians in other pieces. Besides these four, other musicians in the recording sessions include other members from Jikken Weekend, l-e buddies, and even some Korean mystery guys including Ryu Hankil and lo wie. One piece on this cassette was recorded in Seoul.


A1, B1, and B2: Recorded at l-e, Tokyo, December 21, 2019
A2: Recorded at namsan/flat, Seoul, October 13, 2018 

A1 combs
Composed by Hirohiko Yamada 
Mamoru Nakajo, Reiko Shioda and Hirohiko Yamada: Melodion

A2 Don’t Look Away
Composed by Toshihisa Hirano 
Ryu Hankil, lo wie, Yijinkee, Inkyung Kim, Takuya Sakamoto, Mamoru Nakajo, Reiko Shioda and Guests: Humming
Toshihisa Hirano: Conductor 

B1 from the faucet
Composed by Hisayo Kobayashi
Hisayo Kobayashi: Water jug, LED light 

B2 DJ (Digest Jockey)
Reiko Shioda, Hirohiko Yamada, lo wie and Ryu Hankil: Speaking about 2019 news
Toshihisa Hirano, Hisayo Kobayashi and Takuya Sakamoto: Reading about 2019 topics
Mamoru Nakajo: Conductor 


Released: Zoomin' Night

Released: April 29, 2020

Recorded by Hirohiko Yamada and Toshihisa Hirano 
Mastered by Toshihisa Hirano