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Leyden Jars – Too much of not enough

London-based duo Leyden Jars welcome us to their world across a set of 4 breezy improvisations, made during lockdown #1, edited in lockdown #2 and mixed and mastered in lockdown #3 in the UK.

In it oneiric synth washes, kosmische arpeggios and glittering melodies drift softly over an open plain, blending with one another to take the shape of songs and wandering soundscapes. Natalie’s voice floats in and out of the fray as an instrument in itself, breathing heavenly laments like a ghost singing through the floorboards.

Each track was made over a set of different days, and with that unravels a set of new shades and tones; anxiety, uncertainty and hope laid bare. As the duo say, “it appears that within the uncertainty of the first lockdown, we reached for familiar tools; improvised a temporary escape that coincidentally led us back to the unknown and unplanned.” Leyden Jars look inward to spread themselves outward, and with us share us the delectable results.


All music by Leyden Jars: Natalie Williams & Mark Courtney

Mastered by Carim Clasmann at the Fish Tank, Cologne'

Cover by Oli Barrett

1 - Act 1 [19:48]
2 - Act 2 [21:00]
3 - Act 3 [15:59]
4 - Act 4 [15:09]

Leyden Jars

Home brew electronics and other sonic disturbances, occupied hands (two pairs), some albums on the unimpeachable Mordant Music, fresh emissions due in 2020 via the exceptional Outer Reaches label.

“They use electronic materials, but they seem aged and tweaked in an organic way, somehow. It is not only the obscured vocals that give Heat Death a human touch: these synths and electro-acoustics appear to be learning how to breathe.” – Norman Records Heat Death album review

“Observing. Cataloging. Quietly moving through three dimensions whilst plainly coming from the fourth.” – Peter Marks of Santa Sangre