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卖卖 MAI MAI – MAI mai plays the Beatles vol.1

The first cover and acoustic guitar feedback album by Shanghai guitarist MAI MAI.

The first in a series where MAI MAI focuses on the feedback and textures of favourite Beatles song.

'It should be a noon of 1997, when I was in the 2nd grade of middle school, I saw the music video of the Beatles “I Want to Hold Your Hand”on MTV channel. A live performance, black and white. It was the first “thriller” The Beatles brought to me.
The second “thriller” was in 1999, when I was in grade one of high school. The day before, I bought the so-called “white album” in a cracked cassette shop. That day I went to attend a kind of “little campus writer seminar” with my schoolmaster and a senior. On my way back home by bike, I began to listen to the double-cassettes. After this “thriller”, I talked with the senior who also loves rock music about grouping a band. But neither of us had learnt or even had any instrument. We just talked about it and thought we were in a band for quite a long time.
In 2001, I was a restudy student in a boarding high school. On the Christmas Eve, I listened to John Lennon and Yoko Ono’s “Happy Xmas (War Is Over)” lying in the bed in my dorm, which was rebuilt from a shower room. I cried out. It should be count as a “thriller” brought by the Beatles, the third one. After that, it never happened again.'

MAI mai
April, 2016


卖卖 MAI MAI uses:
Martin M-38 acoustic guitar
Yamaha hs8 powered speaker system
Rode NT-5 pair microphones


Released: Zoomin' Night

Released June 1, 2016