Marilyn Crispell Trio - Live in Zurich

Live in Zurich is Crispell's second trio recording, successor to the highly acclaimed Gaia, and comprises the second of three concerts which the group gave at Switzerland's Taklos Festival. Live in Zurich marks the recording debut of Crispell as a vocalist. The haunting, chant-like singing with which she opens 'Areas' is something she's been doing more and more in concert, although she confesses that she's "been (and still am) very shy to put it on a recording since it's in a very raw state. But anyway, it sets up a special feeling for the rest of the music to grow out of. It's a ritual, a beginning." - Graham Lock, 1990.


Marilyn Crispell / piano, voice

Reggie Workman / bass

Paul Motian / drums


Recorded 14 April, 1989. Remastered by Alan Mosley.

Available as 320k MP3 or 16bit FLAC


1. Areas / Solstice" – 21:59
2. Night Light Beach II" – 10:06
3. Duets / Point on Time" – 13:39
4. Dear Lord" (John Coltrane) – 6:20