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NULLA 0, a monolith

NULLA 0, a monolith is a rich collaborative oral archive & publication - a record and artefact of an otherwise ephemeral assembly of 9 participants and their English speaking voices who identify across non-binary, womxn and women (cis/trans), and were either born in London or moved to the city for a duration of time.

The book and the project it was born from is about agency - amplifying voices that are often othered while sharing narratives which have typically been omitted from our collective histories. Together, contributors challenge the word ‘neutral’ - a term regularly associated with whiteness, middle class and binary voices, casually employed to flatly describe the voices of AI personal assistants who maintain their coded interactions in a master/slave role play.

Initially meant as a series of in-person group workshops, the pandemic changed the landscape of the project by shifting discussions onto a digital platform. Here, strangers launched into an incredibly intimate and vulnerable subject - the voice. Following the first exchange contributors attempted to write a manifesto which could hold and celebrate our difference. The result is the publications of NULLA 0, a monolith.



Adèle Morand / Geaola Oluwakemi Adeyemi / Sven Ironside / Jasmin Kent Rodgman / Ruari Paterson-Achenbach / Kendall Perry / Shannon Latoyah / Joanna M Ward / Hannah Doucet

Project collaborators:

Publication - Samantha Whetton, Design. Print. Bind.

Preface - Lola Olufemi

Sculpture Design - Grace Woodcock in collaboration with Lola de la Mata

Sculpture Maker - Grace Woodcock Glass Design - Lola de la Mata

Glass Blowing - Marcin Manzur and Jahday Ford