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Opal Satellite – I

"Growing up means your mental models of the world are more likely to match observable results in the 'real world'. Or to say it differently: Growing up means, your plants are not dying anymore.

I am not sure we have grown up quite yet, but maybe embarking on a 25 minute free form improvisation, with the tape rolling, relies just as much on what you know, as trusting the things you do not know yet. Just as much being in touch with the grown-up as the child in you and the partner that joins you on that journey."

Daniel Stolle and Erno Taipale met in 2017 at an exhibition of old houses in Hämeenkyrö, Finland. Having similar thoughts about making music they decided to play together. Eventually it happened in autumn of 2020. Two sessions at Daniel's working room produced these improvisations.

Opal Satellite's music is mostly calm and sparse, at times creepy, pastoral, kosmisch. It could work as a suitable soundtrack for a breezy summer night when the mist floats upon the moonlit lake surface. Or maybe it conjures your very own images, based on the observable world of the grown up or the free, imaginery of the child.


Ikusiuus, 2021

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