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Organum – Veil of Tears


Collection of tracks from 1985-94, recorded by the Organum core of David Jackman, Michael Prime, Dinah Jane Rowe and Jim O'Rourke; further mastering of sound cluster presentation and development. "Veil of Tears" was first released on Aeroplane records (AR13) as a cassette which included a black on green paper inlay featuring photographs of a small boy seated on a model steam locomotive and a man checking a railway track with a gauge. Play this one REALLY LOUD. 


"There's certainly no social statement behind the work and, philosophically, there's nothing consciously being projected into the sound. Apart from the blind desire to make sounds, the only thing that was at work in the beginning (...) was the wish to make something that sounded completely new. So it was invention that was the driving force, even to the point of eccentricity in the way the sounds got made, like an alarm-clock case being scraped round a rusty bicycle-wheel rim for 20 minutes. As it happened, nothing new got made at all. Instead, Organum music came out sounding really ancient, like something from the very beginning of music-making" - David Jackman


Veil Of Tears (Part 1)

Performer [Recorded With] – David Jackman, Dinah Jane Rowe, Michael Prime


Performer [Recorded With] – David Jackman, Dinah Jane Rowe, Michael Prime, Roger Sutherland


Remix – Jim O'Rourke, Robert HampsonSounds [All] – David Jackman


Performer [Recorded With] – David Jackman, Robert HampsonSounds [Archive Sound] – Philip Rupenus, Richard Rupenus

Veil Of Tears (Part 2)

Performer [Recorded With] – David Jackman, Dinah Jane Rowe, Michael Prime


David Jackman aided and abetted by Michael Prime, Dinah Jane Rowe, Roger Sutherland, Jim O'Rourke and Robert Hampson.

The two parts of Veil of tears were recorded in 1992 with Michael Prime, Dinah Jane Rowe and David Jackman; Delta recorded live at Recommended Records, London 1990 with Roger Sutherland, Michael Prime, Dinah Jane Rowe and David Jackman; Obon was recorded in 1985 - all sounds by David Jackman, remixed 1994 by Robert Hampton and Jim O'Rourke; and Lamentations was recorded 1994 with Robert Hampson, David Jackman and with archive sound from 1985 by Philip and Richard Rupenus.

Artwork by David Jackman

Available as a 320k MP3 or 16bit FLAC download.   


1. Veil of Tears (Part 1) - 14:40

2. Delta - 14:43

3. Obon - 4:47

4. Lamentations - 7:39

5. Veil of Tears (Part 2) 14:37