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Rhodri Davies – An Air Swept Clean of All Distance

Rhodri Davies self reissue of fantastic acoustic lap harp solo record. First released on LP with Alt Vinyl, av057 (2014) alongside the amplified 'Wound Response', 'An Air Swept Clean of All Distance' sees the harp tuned to a different set of fixed pitches and played without preperation or distortion. 

"...hearing An Air Swept Clean of All Distance I think also of Cy Twombly, burning a path to the ancient classical world through a mess of rough scribble, vivid marks, smears and graffiti. There is a static character to the playing here, rising and falling, arrested and stuttering, rolling and tumbling...returning compulsively to the same passage as if caught in that same tangled web of strings once violently cut, now reconstituted into a set of revenant problems." - David Toop, 2020. 

“Davies settles obsessively on tumbling phrases, arpeggios and articulate rhythms, turning them over and over, letting them develop only within strict limits, as though this fine, prolific adventurous musician is freshly discovering a harp that has been there all along.” - Julian Cowley, Wire Magazine, 2014


Rhodri Davies / telyn benglin (lap harp)


I / For Elliw & Brychan

Recordiwyd ar Ionawr 31, 2014 yn Stiwdios Blank, Newcastle upon Tyne / Recorded on 31st of January 2014 at Blank Studios, Newcastle upon Tyne.

Cynhyrchwyr gweithredol / Executive producrs: Richard Dawson, Graham Thrower.

Recordiwyd, cymysgwyd a meistrolwyd gan / Recorded, mixed and mastered by Sam Grant.

Dylunio gan / Design by Anna Peaker.

Darlun gan / Drawing by Jean-Luc Guionnet.

Benthycwyd y teitlau o weithiau / Titles borrowed from the works of Carlos Castaneda, Kate Fagan, Alec Finlay, Nathaniel Mackey, Redell Olsen, James Purdy, Sun Ra, Nick Thurston, Sue Tompkins.

Rhyddhawyd An Air Swept Clean of All Distance yn gyntaf ar finyl gan Alt Vinyl, av057 (2014) / An Air Swept Clean of All Distance was first released on LP with Alt Vinyl, av057 (2014).

Diolch i / Thank you to John Bisset, John Butcher, Angharad Davies, Ann Davies, John Davies, Richard Dawson, Angharad Closs Stephens and Graham Thrower.