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Sarah Hennies – Duets for Solo Snare Drum

"The three duets on the record (respectively written by John Cage, Peter Ablinger, and Hennies) all feature a “solo snare drum performer in duets with three non-performative musical elements.” All three of the elements presented here (silence, noise, and tone) in some way reflect a sonic component of the snare drum’s sound, and tonal differences between each track is striking. On Hennies’ own “Cast and Work,” the composer explores the tonal variations that can occur when the snare on her instrument is turned off and then mixed with other pitched elements. Like Cage’s and Albinger’s compositions, “Cast and Work” is mostly a subtle piece until a barrage of pitched noise from Vanessa Rossetto, Brent Fariss, and Henna Chou comes in near the end. When taken together, these compositions alter the listener’s perception of what a snare drum can do sonically and succeed in taking the instrument out of its often typecast role in music." - Tiny Mix Tapes


A solo snare drum performer in duets with three non-performative musical elements:

Cage - silence
Ablinger - noise
Hennies - tones


"Cast and Work" includes contributions from Henna Chou, Brent, Fariss and Vanessa Rossetto. Performed and recorded by Sarah Hennies, 2012-2013.

Available as 320k MP3 or 16bit FLAC