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Sea Urchin and Aki Goto's Shirotento Orchestra – Natal Uranus, il corpo sotto la sabbia / Birthdays

The fifth installment of Commend See maps the movements of earthly and celestial beings by means of musical creation. Birth, planets and cosmic timing underscore Natal Uranus, il corpo sotto la sabbia / Birthdays, a collaborative offering and unfolding fable from Sea Urchin and Aki Goto’s Shirotento Orchestra.

Mastered by Jack Callahan.
Artwork by Aki Goto.
Design by Will Work For Good.
RVNG, 2020

Sea Urchin

Leila Hassan and Francesco Cavaliere are exploring a unique blend of poetry and dub music. Their practice modulates sine waves, tapes, and electroacoustic devices while turning fluorescent materials into ever-changing polyrhythmic stratifications. The duo began in 2011 with the creation of “dragon water music cassettes,” a series of tapes that detail musical relations with objects, writings and textiles. Today the scuba spheres with spines, are celebrating their new Lp on Bokeh Version, Tahtib! an ancient stick - fighting martial art practice from upper Egypt.

“Tahtib is food for your mystical post-exotica musical landscape - hand drums played by computers fall with a squelch into the swamp, horses neigh at dub bassists, there’s water everywhere full of urchins and tarot cards and just when you think you need to breathe this record breathes for you. Tahtib’s future ambient glyphs are matched with the rapid-fire staccato "taks” of imaginary tahtib sticks (tahtib is an Upper Egyptian martial art which was enjoyed and practiced by Leila's grandfather Baba Aly). Leila Hassan sings seamlessly between Arabic and Italian (and possibly more) breathing pure soundart alchemy across Francesco Cavaliere’s library of sound effects and textures” _M.O