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Stuart Chalmers – Suikinkutsu 水琴窟

SUIKINKUTSU- "water harp cave".

A Japanese garden ornament used for its water drop sounds. Similar to metal wind chimes this device uses echoes from water to produce a calm zither like tinkle

SOZU - A traditional water fountain made of a bamboo tube that fills with water to produce a clanking sound.

Recorded Jan-Sept 2020 in Dowkabottom Cave in the Yorkshire Dales UK, using tin cans, kettle, saucepans, dustbin lid, metal plates, metal food bowls, cake tin lids, various gongs, chime bars, singing bowls and bells and swarmandal.


An immersion in the elements and processes of the natural world, the sound of natures patterns and human responses.
Made during a time of great personal change and upheaval, as well as major events in the wider world.
With Suikinkutsu the aim was to discover more about the worlds beauty and wonder. By connecting with the land I connect with...  more' - Stuart Chalmers
Released: Fractal Meat Cuts, April 20, 2021