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Tenniscoats – Song Recycle

An all new release by the glorious Japanese duo Tenniscoats - one of our personal favourites here at OTO.

Recycling is the term Tenniscoats use to describe this new release, which features re-imaginings of some of their past work. Rather than eskewing the songs, each track is infused with a sort of ebullient electronic pop, with crisp drum machines, samples of Saya's voice and synth pads shining rays of light into their sound world. Elements of the tracks are cut, spliced and re-edited in a tongue-in-cheek DJ-remix style, but retain all the charm and beauty of the original compositions.

As with all of Tenniscoats' best work, everything is kept tender, compact and intimate. Music that is weightless and breezy as a Joao Gilberto ballad or one of Young Marble Giants' more upbeat numbers. Happy to get this out in time while there's still sun in the sky.


Tenniscoats : Saya and Ueno


all beats, instruments worked by Ueno
some keyboords, almost vocals, lyrics by Saya
except ‘On the Beach Boys Bus’ - lyrics by Bill Wells

recorded by Ueno, Saya
mixed by Saya


01. Eyes Recycle [4:43]

sampling from‘Eyes / Tenniscoats(written by Saya)’

album : Music Exists Disc.4 / Tenniscoats


02. It’s my past Recycle [3:53]

sampling from‘On the Beach Boys Bus/ Tenniscoats(written by Bill Wells)’

album : Hope you are wells / Tenniscoats


03. Baibaba Recycle [3:53]

sampling from‘Baibaba Bimba / Tenniscoats & Tape(written by Saya)’

album : Tan-Tan Therapy / Tenniscoats


04. Sabaku Recycle [5:16]

sampling from‘Sabaku / Tenniscoats(written by Saya,Thomas)’

album : Tokinouta / Tenniscoats


05. Moriwo Recycle [4:31]

sampling from‘Mori wo Nukeru Mori no Umi ga / Tenniscoats(written by Saya)’

album : Tokinouta / Tenniscoats


06. Stone Recycle [3:32]

sampling from‘Stone Dance / Zayaendo(written by Masaharu Seki)’

album : Zayaendo Music / Zayaendo


07. Tree Recycle [3:51]

sampling from‘Tree or not to be / Tenniscoats(written by Saya)’

album : We are everyone / Tenniscoats

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