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XT & Container – 9.8.18

First time trio from Ren Schofield, Seymour Wright and Paul Abbott. Under the Container moniker Ren usually improvises overblown electronic hardware: infectious drum patterns, restructured feedback and dying tape loops. Wright and Abbott’s respective practices look to interrogate the British tradition of improvised music – groups such as AMM and SME - so this meeting somewhat shoves spontaneous interplay onto the dancefloor. The result is a high density recursive tangle of magnified antagonism and genuine investigative collaboration which steps off on the more cognitive side of techno. Not your usual dancefloor but experiments like this will keep free improvisation fresh.


Seymour Wright / saxophone

Paul Abbott / drums, electronics

Ren Schofield / Roland 909, tape machine, delay


Recorded live at Cafe OTO by Adam Maschulat on Thursday 9th August, 2018. Mixed and mastered by James Dunn. 

Available as 320k MP3 or 24bit FLAC  

XT (Paul Abbott and Seymour Wright)

Opening possibilities of language and learning from below, XT bounce questions of the specific material conditions, histories and logics of the saxophone and drum kit in a flexible, manifold process of collaboration, augmentation, bifurcation, antagonism and technological and somatic feedback. Increasingly they plug in, using synthetic and amplified saxophone and drums to extend magnify and delay what they do.
The project explicitly folds together their overlapping interests in language, learning, politics and an investigative ethics of emancipation.


Container is the stripped-down, beat-oriented electronic project of Providence, RI’s Ren Schofield, who somehow sculpts viscious punk sonics into raw jackhammer rhythms that groove in the most relentless, hypnotic, unstoppable and psychedelic ways currently working the grid.

This lo-fi mesh of maxed-out drum patterns, spiralling loops and mesmerising arrangements makes for live music of serious weight and function, capable of both rushing the high-end dancefloors of Unsound, Donau and Berghain, and banging the below-stairs basements of Europe into submission.

Started in 2009 in response to his discovery of nineties minimal techno, Container combined elements from his background in noise and cassette collage music with a new found interest in repetitive beats to create this raw and damaged rhythmic sound.

After a string of various cassette releases, the debut full length “LP” was released by Editions Mego sub-label Spectrum Spools in 2011, and has since been followed up by a second Spools “LP” and the “Treatment” 12” on the Morphine label…a steaming new 12” pulled in earlier this year on Liberation Technologies (see new track 'Glaze' below), as well as the thrillingly violent mauling of Four Tet's 'Kool FM'. Container’s new record came out on Spectrum Spools in June 2015 to much acclaim.