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Yeah You – Krutch

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"Yeah You's black-hearted return to Slip: poisonous, weaponised pop, spat out on the roam. Father-daughter Mykl Jaxn-Elvin Brandhi's defiantly other improvisations tangle up defouling sermons with ragged beats, gnashing bass, and ear-worm synths. Recorded in a black Renault Clio in Holland and Germany, and at Aurora, Budapest throughout early 2017, 'KRUTCH' is the 'You at a freshly terrifying apex, filtering the desperation of black metal through an unerring pop nous."

“The  music  and  letting-go  part  of  it  is  already  sort  of  social  suicide  –  and  then  on  top  of  that  I’m  doing  it  with  my  dad.”  –  Elvin  Brandhi  interview  with  Tristan  Bath  for  the  Quietus 

“...the  best  father/daughter  duo  sinceSerge  and  Charlotte...”  –  Boomkat


Artwork by Elvin Brandhi. Mastered by Stephen Bishop.

Available as 320k MP3 or 24bit FLAC  


1. Fall freed
2. Hair Moats
3. Skin (I have only lived once)
4. Pace B
5. No more metaphors, hold life still
6. Discomfort
7. SOIK CHAT video


To you YEAH YOU are to you a father daughter duo who let music invade the family context. Who let music dismantle the family car, using construct absurdity to redeem resented weekly Tesco shops and traffic jams. YEAH YOU are not who you said we are, but we are that inverted, and battery op. The content shifts depending on how many supermarket discounts we found. Known for their sneak-up picnic public invasions, perform mostly when uninvited but will always jump on chance to berate a strobe-cut stage, brawling electronic dirt pop, words and feet exert integral (instagram) distrust: you won’t hear what you see.

Why who? They only ever wanted to take back their solidarity with inertia. Creeping up behind a ‘don’t bite the hand that feeds you’ cultural climate, striving to unbuckle the gift economy. You let the lesson be yearn inappropriately. Warped into identity politics this could be an anti-formulaic deconstruction of the nuclear family and of psychic uniform, which normative roles serve to sustain. But in itself is just an improv life stream of the bottom 40: from 0 to -40. Diving in with an admittedly involuntary entropic approach, they provide something for all the family to enjoy/not enjoy.

Yeah You’s KRUTCH is out on Slip on 12” + DL in September