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Kelly Jayne Jones – the reed flute is fire

Whether solo, as part of Part Wild Horses Mane on Both Sides and White Death, or in her other collaborations, Manchester-based artist Kelly Jayne Jones work has always brought a distinct otherworldly flavour to proceedings - one that reaches for both individual and collective solace in the abstract. Side-stepping any potentially reductive spritualism or exoticsm, Kelly has built a multi-faceted practice over the years, engaging with quantum fictions, animist ideology and music as a site for transformation. With that, she has expanded her tools from flute, contact mics and tape works to include dance, gesture, sonic drawings, stone sculpture and film.

'The Reed Flute is Fire' is the most distinct rendering of her practice thus far, confidently embracing electroacoustic composition with a deft and gentle touch. Elements of field recordings, synthesis, instrumentation and voice are brought together in rich oneiric technicolour, like iridescent streams of flowing, dripping and splashing water soaking an imaginary landscape. Sliding bass tones and thick drones add both tonal hues and reframe the musical narrative - pushing and pulling the journey in new directions. While a tryst with nature and technology is suggestive within the albums' aesthetics, Kelly makes clear that such a symbiosis is never reached without constant exploration and points of arduous upheaval.

A 4-dimensional sonic journey over land, city, air and water in worlds both real and unreal.
Kelly Jayne Jones - voice, flute, electronics
Mastered by Oliver Barrett
Mixing and additonal processing by Guillaume Dujat

To accompany the 'reed flute is fire' release, Kelly has created 20 boxes, containing a piece of obsidian, a pyramid of green fluorite, stick of palo Santo incense and a unique hand drawn image in ink by KJJ, wrapped in golden velvet fabric. Purchase of one of the boxes also includes the digital release and you can find them here: 

1 - a fire that had to burn forever [10:09]
2 - the reed flute is fire not wind [12:20]
3 - love fire tangled in reeds [08:18]

Kelly Jayne Jones

Kelly Jayne Jones is a self taught Manchester based artist making work that combines performance, installation and sound. She began working in experimental concrete music and her practice has expanded to include dance, gesture, sonic drawings, stone sculpture and film.

KJJ has collaborations with Hannah Ellul (White Death), Greta Buitkute (Clout then Grappling) and Dan Valentine from Rainer Veil and Haris Epaminonda. She was one half of the group part wild horses mane on both sides, which disbanded in 2016. She has performed across Europe in DIY venues and has been commissioned for works with projects at dOCUMENTA13, Tate Modern, ICA London and CCA Glasgow, Trieze Gallery Paris, Borealis Festival & Kunsthalle Bergen Norway, Tectonics contemporary music festival, Hangar Bicocca gallery Milan and the Huddersfield contemporary music festival (hcmf//) and Sheffield Site Gallery. Recently she had a collaborative work with Haris Epaminonda, Chimera, shown at Venice Biennale 2019.