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Secluded Bronte – The Horns of Andromeda

Please be aware that the download contains a rapidly strobing gif version of the cover included in the file.

Secluded Bronte are a multi-faceted experimental trio whose work has embraced scrapheap musique concrete, clattering post-punk, spoken word, poetry, improvisation and more. Collected from a mixture of studio and live recording, this suite of perfectly planned mischief slips and slides between the physical and metaphysical, pathos and alien-abstraction, wry humour and obscenity - relishing in awkward dualities and eccentric imbalances. Tuneful ditties emerge before switching frame to an aural car crash. Shared refrains and in-jokes from live shows are unveiled, then jump gear to a Morricone-soundtracked car-chase. Listen close, arrange the junk and unpack the mystery.


Secluded Bronte are:
Adam Bohman - voice, home made string instruments, objects.
Jonathan Bohman - voice, piano, electronics, objects, percussion.
Richard Thomas - voice, guitars, bass, piano, synthesizers, harmonica, computer, drum machine, percussion, telephone


Adrian Northover - soprano saxophone on Neighbourhood.
Daniella De Paulis - voice on Ramble North.

Recorded at Studio 35, South Wales; Harrison Sound Studios, London; All Round, Chertsey; Trade Gallery, Nottingham; Dartington Hall, Dartington; Rammel Club, Nottingham; SARC/Queen's University, Belfast; Cafe Oto, London; Westwerk, Hamburg.

Recording engineers: Shaun Crook, Craig Jackson, Ramon Flak, Kris Jakob, Helge Hasselberg, Felix Kubin, Bruce Asbestos, Hoover Nettlebeck, Richard Thomas.

Edited and Produced by Richard Thomas


1. The Burst [02:55]
2. Ramble North [02:19]
3. Lord, provide an assassin [00:38]
4. His Hobbies [03:18]
5. Purple Justice [00:29]
6. Unknown Information [01:53]
7. Library Music [00:38]
8. Pistacchi di Bronte [02:36]
9. Faster Cars [01:26]
10. Reißzähne [01:12]
11. Rendezvous [02:30]
12. Neighbourhood [01:32]
13. Responsibility Tandoori [02:50]
14. Water Colours [02:34]

Secluded Bronte

Formed in 2001, the group are Adam and Jonathan Bohman (The Bohman Brothers) and Richard Thomas, who has a fascinating musical history including collaborations with the likes of Squarepusher, Stereolab and Add N to X.

Secluded Bronte's music is hard to describe since it is so heterogenous and by extension inclusive. This is why artists as diverse as the Art Ensemble of Chicago, Iggy Pop, Stephen Mulhern, Bjork, David Byrne, Felix Kubin, Robert Wyatt, Goodiepal, and Ilan Volkov regard them so highly.

Critically their music has been compared to the works of Gruppo di Improvvisazione Nuova Consonanza, Harry Partch, Laurie Johnson, Jack Parnell, Bruno Nicolai, The Residents, Tristram S. Cary, Hans Weissgarten, and Weissgarten's contemporaries within the neo-immortalist school of composition such as Gordon Krumholz.

Secluded Bronte are also very active within cinema, theatre, TV and radio as writers, performers and composers. In the latter part of 2018 their critically acclaimed play about infinity, in Duat, ran for three months at Denmark's Kunsthus Teater af Bedrag Odense. A feature length experimental documentary film made with the filmmaker James Holcombe is currently in post-production. And the past six months have found Secluded Bronte resident in Napoli's legendary Studio Cazzate working on the soundtrack to the cult Colombian director A. Mentiroso's psychedelic sci-fi horror fantasy Poltergeist di Hazel.

Keen eyed fans will also spot them on the screen. Adam Bohman can be seen acting in Peter Strickland's In Fabric, Richard Thomas plays an enigmatic and dangerous property developer in Butler & Mirza's social cleansing horror short, Head of Shadows. Whilst Jonathan Bohman graces the small screen as an Oxford Don in the ITV produced Inspector Morse spin-off series Endeavour.

Winter 2019 will see them take to Germany's airwaves, c/o Berlin's Deutschlandfunk Kultur, with their epic six hour radiophonic treatise on interplanetary space travel and boredom, Die Hörner von Andromeda.

Secluded Bronte's latest album Music for Sound, an equally mammoth 80 minute double LP, will be released later this year on Tim Burgess' O Genesis label.