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Konrad Sprenger

Konrad Sprenger is a Berlin-based artist, composer, and music producer.
Influenced by the insistent rhythms of minimalism, krautrock, and techno, Sprenger focusses on the transcendent power of propulsive, full-spectrum sound. He plays a computer-controlled multi-channel electric guitar that he developed himself. With this setup he creates complex rhythmic patterns, automatically retunes the strings during performance, and radically expands the possibilities of the guitar - sounding like anything from an electronic instrument, to various traditional string instruments, to a full orchestra.

Hiller has long-term collaborations with Arnold Dreyblatt and Ellen Fullman, and has recently started working with Oren Ambarchi - including on his recent Editions Mego release Hubris along with an astonishing cast of players including Ricardo Villalobos, Arto Lindsay, Jim O'Rourke, Mark Fell, Crys Cole, Keith Fullerton Whitman. Sprenger and Ambarchi have teamed up with Phillip Sollmann on a soon to be released disc „Suez/Panama“ on A-Ton.