Paper Dollhouse

Paper Dollhouse began in 2010 as a side-project of Rayographs‘ Astrud Steehouder to experiment with music production. While Astrud recorded in the kitchen and garden Nina Bosnic made projections creating a home theatre of image and incidental sound. These recordings became the glacial, night-time folk debut A Box Painted Black on Jane Weaver‘s Bird Records. Following a split release with fellow Bird artist Magpahi on the esteemed Folklore Tapes imprint, collaborations with Old Apparatus and techno remixes by AnD and Joe Cocherell on Resilience, they unearthed the post-punk rooted electronica album Aeonflower on Night School and Bird/Finders Keepers in 2015. Following a headline performance at Sounds From the Other City and a slot at Festival No. 6 the duo showcased a highly immersive AV-live show in London employing UV light, helium and neon balloons to coincide with the release of the Plutonic Rainbows EP. They subsequently released a series of sold-out limited cassettes of electronic and archival work on their own MoonDome label. They will be releasing their third album produced by Asher Levitas (Old Apparatus/ Planet Mu) on MoonDome later this year. Asher Levitas will be joining Paper Dollhouse for this performance.

Astrud will also be playing in Daniel O'Sullivan's live group for the VELD launch.