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Monday 26 February 2018, 7.30pm

Arash Moradi + Çiğdem Aslan & Tahir Palalı + Javid Afsari Rad Trio

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Arash Moradi
Arash Moradi, son of the legendary Ali Akbar Moradi –the most eminent tanbur master of our time– grew up in Kermanshah. Since 2000, he has been living in London. The Yaresan tanbur tradition is his soul; London his home. Having extensively performed with some of the most prominent musicians of Iran, the Middle East and Western Europe, in significant concert halls and festivals in Europe and the USA, Arash is now proposing his own composition work. Careful not to betray his tradition –his essence as a person– he builds a bridge to his life and musical experience in the West. In this sense, he has put together an orchestrating scheme that focuses on the tanbur–its modes, techniques and sounds– as a path to a new mystic experience, a Bridge from the holy Yaresan lands to the World. This performance marks the launch of his first solo album, ‘The Bridge'

Çiğdem Aslan and Tahir Palalı
Cigdem Aslan and Tahir Palali will perform songs of love and mysticism from the Alevi poets of Anatolia.
Tahir plays the tembur, an Anatolian three-stringed instrument from eastern Turkey. He is accompanied by Cigdem on frame drums. Together they will perform traditional and original compositions inspired by this mystical music culture.

Javid Afsari Rad Trio
Javid Afsari Rad Trio was established in 2016 and consists of Javid Afsari Rad on the Persian instrument santur, Harpreet Bansal on violin and Tove Margrethe Erikstad on cello.
The trio plays compositions by Javid which are inspired by Persian, Indian and Arabic music traditions.