Sunday 20 December 2015, 8pm

Dan Melchior + Blood Stereo

No Longer Available

Very happy to welcome the return of the adventurous and prolific Dan Melchior. For this performance Dan will be playing 'altered' guitar, augmented by drums from the redoubtable Bruce Brand. Also on the bill as Brighton's Blood Stereo (Dylan Nyoukis and Karen Constance).

Dan Melchior

Dan Melchior is a musician and artist from London, England currently based in Akron, Ohio. He has been active in music since the late 90's, appearing on over 70 commercially released recordings. He has evolved a great deal since his blues/roots beginnings, taking in all manner of disparate influences along the way. In the words of Steve Lowenthal 'Dan Melchior is an anomaly in the modern music world in the modern music world, even for the underground - - his music can't be neatly partitioned into a narrow genre.'
Dan has collaborated with artists as diverse as Billy Childish, Graham Lambkin, Haley Fohr (Circuit Des Yeux) and C Spencer Yeh. He continues to push his own idiosyncratic envelope. 

Blood Stereo

Blood Stereo (Dylan Nyoukis and Karen Constance) are a British institution, the sound complete immersion for people who don't immerse easily. Idiot twins Burchill and Slim may behave as though they own Sussex, but Constance and Nyoukis are immune to their surroundings, making livid eyes at confused glitter vixens up and down this squalid Isle. 

"They explore hand-cranked 20th century technology in combination with epiglottal gymnastics and free music modes inherited as much from punk rock's mutilated aesthetic as utopian art styles." - David Keenan