Saturday 9 January 2016, 8pm

Photo by Dawid Laskowski

Heather Leigh + Simon Fisher Turner

No Longer Available

London launch event for Heather Leigh's new album on Editions Mego, I Abused Animal. Joining her on the bill will be musician, songwriter, composer and producer, Simon Fisher Turner, in his first OTO appearance in over 5 years.

“All notions of the pedal steel’s laid-back, country harmony are shattered as Leigh extols jagged notes and blocks of electric noise that seem to rail against rock, jazz and other notions of freedom music.” – Dusted Magazine

Heather Leigh

The daughter of a coal miner, weaving a trail from West Virginia to Texas and now residing in Scotland, Heather Leigh furthers the vast unexplored reaches of pedal steel guitar. Her playing is as physical as it is phantom, combining spontaneous compositions with a feel for the full interaction of flesh with hallucinatory power sources. With a rare combination of sensitivity and strength, Leigh’s steel mainlines sanctified slide guitar and deforms it using hypnotic tone-implosions, juggling walls of bleeding amp tone with choral vocal constructs and wrenching single note ascensions. In recent years Leigh has been touring the world extensively as a solo artist following the release of her studio album, ‘I Abused Animal’ on Ideologic Organ/Editions Mego and in BRÖTZMANN/LEIGH, a duo with Peter Brötzmann, who have released 2 albums, ‘Ears Are Filled With Wonder’ and ‘Sex Tape’ on Trost. A new BRÖTZMANN/LEIGH studio LP/CD is forthcoming in 2018 and she’s currently working on a new solo LP for Editions Mego.

Simon Fisher Turner

“My mum was a rally driver and Dad a spy and submariner. I was a bad teen actor, and a bad teen singer. Then a gardener and even a van driver for Adam and the Ants. I met Derek Jarman. > Life changes. Lots of extraordinary films and musical adventures led me through work with Mike Hodges, Michael Almareyda, dead Jean Genet, and David Lynch and then even more dead directors.

This past year or two I’ve been working mainly in one way or another with Klara Lewis and Rainier Lericolais. We play live to “A Symphony of a great City” about Berlin, shot in 1927 by Rudolph Ruttmann. I travel to Japan for work, and Berlin. Twice a month I release for two weeks only new collages, or compilations of music/sounds. This is Guerrilla Audio and is found through Touch 33. After two weeks the sound files are deleted. Too bad.

I have a new vinyl LP out called “Giraffe”. Lovely animal, and it’s on Editions Mego. Released February 10 th . Most days though I just drive the kids to school and cook, clean and hoover, which gives me five hours of free time to listen to music and work at home on the floor, table, or stairs. I’m 62 now and we don’t have a pet. My eyesight isn’t so good, but my hearing is OK. I play lots of instruments badly, but not the violin and I’m not a technical person at all either. Generally I’m confused and can’t help the kids with homework. I’m not a painter, but wish I was. Peace.”

simonfisherturner | Guerrilla 8