Sunday 17 April 2016, 8pm

Photo by Niels Vinck

Diskant / Emotional Response presents: High Wolf + Don’t DJ + Stuart Leath (DJ)

No Longer Available

High Wolf returns to OTO following the release of last year's, Growing Wild – which takes his distinctive, totemic approach to music-making into the sparkling world of African-inflected electronic music – plus support from Berlin's Don't DJ.

High Wolf

France’s High Wolf possesses a natural-born ability to zero in on the tones most conducive to inducing transcendental states. Prolific without wearing out his welcome, this guitarist and manipulator of effects boxes looses fervid streams of fever-dreamy drones that suffuse any room they enter with mystery. High Wolf’s tracks carry the uncanny sense of sounding as if they’ve been sluicing since the beginning of time, and that he had the graciousness to siphon them for teasingly brief absorption before they shimmer off to the vanishing point. This elite droneur is one of the few musicians who could title a release A Guide To Healing without it coming off as an ironic gesture or a laughable boast. (Cop that 7” and try not to get a spring in your chakras). 

Don’t DJ

The DJ-producer Don’t DJ, former member of «Institut für Feinmotorik» and «The Durian Brothers» is interested in what he calls «musique acéphale« – a metric which has no distinct starting nor ending point and thus encourages the listener to constantly switch his* or her* metric focus to discover different «points of listening» within the same arrangement. These Euclidian polymetric soundlayerings or minimalist-gamelanian-kraut-tekks seek to inspire consciousness to wander beyond culturally suggested boundaries of the perception of reality. Don’t DJ recently released on Berceuse Heroique, Emotional Response, Fullfridge amongst others and co-runs the Labels Sexes and Disk Records.

Stuart Leath, DJ

As founder of 3 labels under the Emotional Recordings banner (E Response, E Rescue and Especial) as well as co-running the obscurio label Sacred Summits, it is surprising Stuart Leath (aka Chuggy) has time for travel and play records, but over the last few years he has again been delving through his vinyl collection.  Playing around the live sets this evening, expect drone, ambient, avant and esoteric sounds to emerge.  

Stuart Leath