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Thursday 24 September 2020, 8.30pm

Photo by Dmitri Djric

LUX presents: LIVE STREAM – Alvin Lucier’s Bird and Person Dyning performed by Elaine Mitchener

No Longer Available

Please note that this event will be livestreamed on the OTO website. There will be no audience in the Cafe itself.

A live online performance of American avant-garde composer Alvin Lucier’s groundbreaking early work Bird and Person Dyning presented as part of an online LUX exhibition Receiver, Jenny Brady which considers how we both speak and listen, and the question of who has the right and capacity to be heard. ‘Bird and Person Dyning stands as an essential work demonstrating the composer turning inward to the fundamental sparks of aural phenomena.

“Dyning” is Lucier’s abbreviated version of “heterodyning,” a term introduced in the early days of radio transmission to describe the phenomenon of two waves mixing in a non-linear medium to produce two extra signals (created with the sum and difference in frequency). Known as “difference tones” in music, the piece tasks the performer to create the tones with an electronic bird call (originally a Christmas ornament producing a chirping sound), and the feedback created by a binaural microphone and stereo system. The emergence of the difference tones, or “phantoms,” depend on the position of the performer in the space and is, uniquely, music where we actually “listen to a composer listening.”’ Issue Project Room

Presented in collaboration with Cafe Oto to accompany the LUX exhibition Receiver, Jenny Brady 10 September - 30 October

Elaine Mitchener

Born and raised in East London of Jamaican heritage Elaine Mitchener is a contemporary vocalist, movement artist and composer, who encompasses improvisation, contemporary/experimental music theatre and dance. She has worked and collaborated with numerous leading artists including Camae Ayewa (Moor Mother), Mark Padmore, George E. Lewis, The Otolith Group, Sonia Boyce, Tansy Davies, Hamid Drake, Van Huynh Company, Apartment House, David Toop, London Sinfonietta, Steve Beresford, Christian Marclay, Phil Minton, Ensemble Manufaktur für aktuelle Musik, William Parker, Alexander Hawkins. She is founder of collective electroacoustic trio The Rolling Calf with saxophonist Jason Yarde and bassist Neil Charles.

“Elaine Mitchener has ACHIEVED A MOST DIFFICULT CHALLENGE ; She has created a dauntingly vivid theatrical evocation of deep and prolonged collective pain in such a way as to bring out OUR emotional empathy fundamental to communication. She has not aimed for ‘beautiful art’ but her unblinking honesty and the ultrasensitive resonance of her three musical companions, has parAdoxically created something of real, visceral beauty- art,in fact.” – Robert Wyatt THE WIRE

“SWEET TOOTH is a vital black British addition to those seminal creative statements of resistance and defiance from the African Diaspora.” (Kevin Le Genre, Jazzwise)