12–13 April 2016, 10am–2pm, OTO Project Space

Photo by Hrvoje Goluza

Mattin – Three Day Residency: Workshop: Social Realist Score

No Longer Available

Three-day residency curated by Basque artist, Mattin. Working mostly with noise and improvisation, Mattin has over 70 releases on numerous international labels and has collaborated with the likes of Tony Conrad, Taku Sugimoto, Oren Ambarchi, Junko and Bruce Russell. He has also  written about improvisation, free software and against the notion of intellectual property.

For these three days, Mattin has put together a diverse and thought-provoking line-up of sound performance, discussion and workshops under three distinct themes; Noise, Epistemology and Abjection (Mon), Language, Voice and Crisis (Tues), and Alienation as an Enabling Condition (Wed).


10am – 2pm

“How do we perform a score that deals with the fuckedupness of this world? Refugee crisis, economic meltdown, cold and hot war, Europe moving to the right and there is no vision for the future. Nevertheless we can generate an score with the information that we get from the present state of affairs and try to find ways to interpret it. If John Cage brought to the surface the sounds of the room in his composition 4'33'' changing the foreground and background relationship in music (i.e. no sound of a proper musicians is more valid that that produced by an audience member, or the room), we would take an step further and bring to the foreground the reality outside of the room, and find ways of engaging with it from our privileged position. We will take the apparent impossibility of changing the course of reality in parallel with the paralysis that might occur in the room out of accepting certain social conventions. Without shying away from contradictions and confrontation, we will play with this paralysis and we will deal with our anxieties in order to understand how do we become subjects in a given situation. In concrete terms, the score is a way to link the global affairs with the context of Cafe Oto through processing social relations by sonic and performative means using ourselves as instruments.”