Monday 23 April 2018, 7.30pm

MHYSA + Jacob Samuel

No Longer Available

Prolific as one half of the Philadelphia performance and sound art group SCRAAATCH, Maryland-based artist MHYSA’s solo work explores and reasserts the limits of what we today know as R&B, electronica or modern soul. Investigating the titular notion of fantasy via themes of vulnerability, denial, and Black femme agency, she describes her recently released debut album ‘fantasii’ as being similar to an inverted Dante’s Inferno, where instead of journeying deeper into Hell, the album is the soundtrack of her traveling in the opposite direction. This is club music in the most essential sense of the word: it contains not only a sense of place, but of solace, and most clearly, resolution.

Jacob Samuel

A carpenter from a long lineage of Cumbrian horse traders, Samuel moved to London on advice of his mum. Since then he has been working closely with Klein – most notably on her 2016 breakthrough “Only” – and lending his deft production to the likes of Bianca Scout (Opal Tapes), 81ack 8astards and working with Ben Vince who will be performing alongside on the night.