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11–13 May 2019

Oren Ambarchi at 50, Black Truffle at 10 Festival

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Delighted to present this special festival celebrating Oren Ambarchi's 50th birthday and 10 years of his Black Truffle label. Spilling over three unmissable days, the festival (curated by Oren himself) features a packed international bill of special guests, projects and collaborations, all closely associated with Oren and his label.

Oren Ambarchi is a composer, multi-instrumentalist and musical polymath who has been releasing records with the frequency of someone who prefers studio time to sleep. His remarkably prolific and diverse oeuvre since the 90's has included releases such as “Suspension” (2002), “Grapes From The Estate” (2004), “Audience Of One” & “Sagittarian Domain” (both 2012), “Quixotism” (2014) & “Hubris” (2016).

Ambarchi continues to collaborate with artists the world over and in the last few years his longform compositions have featured many friends and collaborators constituting some of his most adventurous work to date and demonstrating his slippery capacity for stylistic shapeshifting whilst retaining his singular musical language.

Black Truffle Records is an Australian-based label for experimental, improv, noise and abstract music, founded by Oren in 2009. There are around 50 releases to it's name, featuring the likes of Alvin Lucier, Annea Lockwood, Keiji Haino, Charlemagne Palestine and many more www.blacktrufflerecords.com

Oren is one the musicians we hold highly in our international community of adventurous artists, and we feel privileged to host this unmissable festival.

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