Thursday 23 March 2017, 7.30pm

Oto Nove Swiss: Bruno Spoerri + Manuel Troller + Dubai Sprinters

No Longer Available

Presented by: Südpol Luzern & Bad Bonn Büdingen

Oto Nove Swiss is a three-day festival at London’s Cafe Oto. Teamed up in pairs per evening six Swiss institutions—namely Bad Bonn, Südpol Luzern, zweikommasieben Magazin, Präsens Editionen, OOR and Klappfon—invite different musicians and/or bands from Switzerland, the UK and beyond. The common denominator of the institutions involved? All of them deal with contemporary (experimental) music in one way or another—whether as a venue, record store, magazine, event series or label.

Bruno Spoerri, (CH) live

Two years ago Jay-Z bluffed everyone about his song “Versus” with his “all mine nothing stolen” statement at the BBC. Now of course we know that he stole his tune from no other than Bruno Spoerri, who released it in 1978 under the title of “On the way”. 

The Scandal catapulted the 80-year-old Swiss man back into the limelight. A place that Bruno Spoerri certainly deserved to be in, even without this little intermezzo. He shaped the swiss musical landscape for the past 50 years, as a jazz saxophonist, as a computer-music pioneer, as a film and advertisement musician and as a lecturer. His open and visionary approach to the electronic and jazz music are reflected in his inexhaustible spirit for discovering the new, his musical curiosities and of course his humour. The best thing is, he is still at it! 

Damian Hohl, Palace St.Gallen

Manuel Troller, (CH) live

Manuel Troller (*1986, Lucerne, Switzerland), guitarist and composer, is actively working in diverse musical genres. Since 2006, he plays and composes with the internationally active Band Schnellertollermeier – who plays music without compromises, ranging from modern composition, minimal music and improv to brute rock music – but feels just as home in Pop. Through pushing the boundaries on his instrument with preparations, extended techniques, sound manipulation and a fine sense for the moment, he became one of the most demanded guitar players in Switzerland. Manuel Troller studied with musicians such as Frank Möbus, Christy Doran and Fred Frith at the School of Music Lucerne, Switzerland.

He has collaborated with Sophie Hunger, Gerry Hemingway, Nik Bärtsch, Julian Sartorius, Stephan Eicher, Merz, Ensemble for New Music Zurich, Christian Weber, Fred Lonberg-Holm, Hans Koch, Michael Fehr, Christoph Erb among others.

Recent Solo performances include Bad Bonn Kilbi, B-Sides Festival (Featured Artist), Hungry Brain Chicago, Bee-Flat Berne, Südpol Lucerne, Klappfon Basel as well as double bills with Marc Ribot, Lee Ranaldo, Tetuzi Akiyama & Alan Licht among others.

Dubai Sprinters , (CH) live

Dubai Sprinters are coming back to London. They play the soundtrack to a new vision of digital meditation. You must know. You must feel. You must see. You must imagine. You must decide. You must wish. Dubai Sprinters are: Samuel Weniger (drums/bass), Marlon McNeill (guitar/bass), Andreas Bendel (dubai sprinters robots), Simon Reichmuth (Smartmics).