Sunday 1 October 2017, 7pm, OTO Project Space

Penultimate Press presents: Ursula Reuter Christiansen - ‘The Executioner’ (UK Premiere) + Henning Christiansen - ‘180 Hammer Blows Against War Monkeys’ (performed by Thorbjørn Reuter Christiansen) + Mark Harwood - DJ

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Penultimate Press presents

- Ursula Reuter Christiansen - The Executioner DK, 1972 (UK Premiere)
- Henning Christiansen - 180 Hammer Blows Against War Monkeys (performed by Thorbjørn Reuter Christiansen)
- Mark Harwood - DJ (Playing a selection of rare / unheard Henning and related)


THE EXECUTIONER - 1971, 35 min. (English subtitles) State of Denmark Film Centre

By Ursula Reuter Christiansen

Music: Henning Christiansen

Ursula Reuter Christiansen born 1943 Trier Germany lives on Møn Denmark since 1970

First female painting professor at the royal academy of fine arts Copenhagen 1997-2006

Represented Denmark at the 49th Venice Biennale 2001 with husband Henning Christiansen

The Executioner was filmed during the summer of 1971 on the island of Møn Denmark.

Ursula Reuter Christiansen will present her film 'The Executioner' for it's first public screening in the UK. 

This is a story about a woman’s own funeral. Now everything is over, set and predetermined. For me it goes like all the other woman’s chastised and raped. The executioner can do with me what he wants. I’m even attracted by him. The executioner is the lord and master. She brings him flowers and sits next to him. She is being executed so that the “other” woman can exist. The film is a rebellion against the role of woman in society. The executioners victory over the woman in the film in 1971 means that Ursula in her work as a painter defeated the executioner by breaking out of the role as a house hold woman ruled by lord and master. The conclusion of the film is: Be brave the next big event in history belongs to us! - Thorbjørn Reuter Christiansen, Møn, Denmark, 2017.


- Prevent the sale of weapons – Avoid gun production.

This Action war first performed at Gallery Forward ( Galerie Vorsetzen) in Hamburg Germany on the 27th of May 1988. Action music by Henning Christiansen. Sound work by Ernst Ludwig Kretzer

Henning was making Hammer blows on a piece of iron with a sledgehammer counting from one to 180. This action is against the 2 % of the world population that following Henning are the war monkeys producing arms and creating war.

In 2017 we still have the war monkeys and the production and sale of weapons.

Thorbjørn, Henning’s youngest Son will use the peaceful hammer to fight the war monkeys in an repetition at Café OTO project space in the garden of 180 Hammer Blows against war monkeys 2017.

Thorbjørn Reuter Christiansen at the Henning Christiansen Archive, Møn Denmark 2017