Saturday 24 February 2018, 7.30pm


No Longer Available

Please note that this show has been rescheduled from 18th August 2016 - all tickets for the original date remain valid.


“Ramleh are a key UK underground group. They stand at the juncture of disparate modes of transition, inheriting currents from early Industrial, freeform and 20th Century avant garde traditions while projecting various embryonic forms towards the future: power electronics, avant rock and modern Noise. Most of all they function as the central transmission point for Noise into Rock, for the infection of rock forms by viral electronics, inflating rock’s emphasis on implosion, destruction and renewal, its incessant devouring and rebirthing of itself.” - David Keenan, The Wire, July 2009.

RAMLEH are a British Power Electronics and Noise Rock group who have been hailed as one of the most influential and groundbreaking underground groups of the last 30 years. Originally formed in 1982, RAMLEH were the flagship band for the legendary BROKEN FLAG label. RAMLEH began as pioneers of the Power Electronics genre in the early 80’s and then evolved throughout the 80’s and 90’s, merging electronic noise music with freeform Rock and avant-garde composition. The band’s latest album, the expansive double set “Circular Time”, was released in 2015 to worldwide acclaim.

RAMLEH operates in two modes concurrently, both as a Rock trio and in a Power Electronics duo line-up. For this performance at Cafe Oto RAMLEH will perform in a trio line-up featuring: Gary Mundy (guitar & vocal), Anthony Di Franco (bass guitar, vocal & synth) and Stuart Dennison (drums & percussion).


JFK is a solo project of Anthony Di Franco of RAMLEH/SKULLFLOWER/AX. In 1987 JFK released their first cassette on Broken Flag. In 2017 JFK has released their new full-length album on the Los Angeles based label Chondritic Sound.


Kleistwahr is the solo project of Gary Mundy from Ramleh. It originally existed in the 1980s as an electronic project and was revived in 2009 as an outlet for Gary’s solo electronic/noise/organ/guitar compositions. Kleistwahr’s latest album “Music for Zeitgeist Fighters” was released in 2017 on the Egyptian label Nashazphone.