Sunday 8 April 2018, 7.30pm

Širom + Barrel

No Longer Available

“Širom create a captivating elixir...(the) band dig deep into an ancient sonic archive of mystical folk with their perfect distillation of instruments.” – Louder Than War

Hailing from Slovenia, Širom play vividly textured and (mostly) imagined, instrumental folk musics. Handmade and global instrumentation meets fearless sound exploration.

Slovenia’s miniature, but incredibly diverse landscapes, echo through its distinctive cultural, historic and linguistic traits. When thinking about Širom’s geographical trajectories, as well as their musical ebb and flow, one has to consider the abundance of water that can be found in the individual regions where they come from. Cascading mountain stream lilt, lazy lowland river meandering and the mysteriously vanishing waters of Karst are most certainly inscribed into Samo Kutin’s, Iztok Koren’s and Ana Kravanja’s childhood memories and subsequently, their remarkable musical art.

Watching the trio experiment and jam on ribab, frame drums, balafons, percussions and various other unusual or homemade instruments in the sinkhole Bukovnik in Karst, on the snowy mountain top of Kal above the village Čadrg and in bright yellow turnip rape fields in Prekmurje, the soundscapes they create symbolically depict the essence of Širom. The search for idiosyncratic sound where no one else is looking. A passion for exploring diverse sonic qualities as well as examining the constantly changing relations between the material (everything that produces sound), the environment, human experience and musical intervention.


Alison Blunt violin - Ivor Kallin viola - Hannah Marshall cello

The first performance bringing the trio together was in 2007 at Freedom of the City Festival in London. It was so enjoyable that the musicians decided to form a band and called themselves Barrel, as it involved a lot of scraping. Barrel has since gained a formidable reputation through their mainland and international performances. Gratuitous Abuse was in the Wire Magazine's annual critic’s choice list of improv’ releases and both this audio documentation and Barrel - Live At Artacts ’12 have received many excellent reviews.

“Decades of instrumental practice along and against the tradition blended inside an inter-mutual jargon that takes something from the classic and the absurd in equal doses. Heterogeneous composites causing inflammatory euphoria.” – Massimo Ricci, Touching Extremes

“To the uninitiated, this trio of string virtuosos might sound like musical terrorists…revolutionary, funny and breathtakingly audacious.” – All About Jazz

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