Tuesday 5 September 2017, 7.30pm

Sly & The Family Drone & Dead Neanderthals + Sam Edwards + Mark Dicker

No Longer Available

UK-based purveyors of noise Sly & The Family Drone and Dutch/British free jazz unit Dead Neanderthals form the ultimate tag team of the murky European underground. After releasing a split on the God Unknown label last year, they followed this up with a full collaborative album 'Molar Wrench' on Hominid Sounds. Expect disgusting noise rock of titanic proportions ready to pound the muck out of your ears and the pus out of your eyes.

“As tough as concrete yet as cold as the furthest reaches of deep space, these two cuts reverberate with the Heliocentric power of Sun Ra at his most cosmic with the building shattering heaviness of a Japanese noise-god. The result is sonic impurity in its most gut-mangling form.” – Paul Margree, We Need No Swords, on Molar Wrench


Sly & The Family Drone

Using only drums and processed cassettes, and incorporating many elements of avant-garde music and sound art in their realisation, Sly & The Family Drone are a primal orchestra of drum rhythms, radiophonic oscillator noise and electronically-abstracted vocals. They forge hypnotic, textural workouts in the vein of Black Dice, Shit & Shine and Crash Worship. 

Sly's reductionist take on music is literal; they split their drum kit to its singular base units, passing individual drums to the audience who maintain the beat while they free themselves for more noise and freestyle mayhem, ultimately eliminating any boundaries between spectator and performer. This egalitarian approach propels audience and band together into a shamanistic setting of catharsis and anarchic celebration. By the end of the set their drums and equipment are scattered; the remnants of their music lying bare across the floor. 

There is no place for guitars within this band. 

Dead Neanderthals

The Dutch sax/drums duo Dead Neanderthals scorches its way through free jazz, metal, drone and minimal music, leaving nothing but cinders in its wake. Their self proclaimed New Wave Of Dutch Heavy Jazz is played at Intensity-level 12 and annihilation-level 15.