Saturday 24 June 2017, 7.30pm

Steven Warwick

No Longer Available

“Complex and enthralling, swallowing whole dancefloors of people into deep, hypnotic grooves for hours on end in a rich, multi-sensory overload” - FACT

Steven Warwick is an artist and musician and writer based in Berlin. His new audio visual mixtape Nadir was released via the delinear platform on the acclaimed label PAN

Nadir fuses reflective poetics with diaristic snapshots and fragmented melodies recorded during a residency in LA. The release captures the tensions, unease and uncertainty in a contemporary setting. Live, Warwick presents a new show with visuals in which he reworks the tracks in real time for a club setting, in a similar manner to his previous Heatsick project: loops and rhythms are stretched and worked out on the dancefloor with focus on the human voice to dizzying and psychedelic effect.

“This is dance music through and through, albeit probably unlike any you’ve heard before” - The Quietus