Monday 2 May 2016, 8pm

Photo by Melanie Rae

Viking Moses + Sam Goodwill + Madam

No Longer Available

Great triple-bill from The Epiphysis Foundation label.

Viking Moses

Viking Moses, AKA Brendon Massei, achieves a special balance of warmth and command, with familiar melodies that draw in listeners and oblige them to stay.  Called "'The most uniquely talented American musician since Kurt Cobain" (Alan McGee, The Guardian), Massei's strongly lyrical songs are played out through tunes that flirt with pop, soul and Americana.  Currently based in Baltimore, Massei has spent more than 20 years touring and developing new music and artists worldwide.

Sam Goodwill

Sam Goodwill spends his days and nights making ends meet as a freelance foley artist, producing sound effects for B movies in his warehouse-studio in Youngstown, Ohio. Here, he also produces live video sessions for touring indie-rock icons such as Kelly Deal and Mount Eerie, among others. Still yet, Sam manages to write and record his own original music, some of the most technically-dynamic, heart-rending songs in underground music today. To Eleven magazine writes, “Emotionally sincere rock music, so deeply woven together with soul and R&B elements that it’s light years ahead of anything else in terms of sophistication.”


Madam are a five-piece London based band, fronted by charismatic singer-songwriter and composer Sukie Smith. Madam create nocturnal, intricate-yet-cinematic soundscapes showcasing songs that are at once confessional and a call to arms.

The band has amassed a loyal legion of fans at home and abroad, showcasing their smoky sound at intimate gigs and packed venues across Europe.

“contender for the noir niche occupied by hope sandoval ( mazzy star) and chan marshall (cat power) - madam is a real find !” – THE GUARDIAN 4/5

For this show they'll be playing a special acoustic set.