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Blood Music – Go off, M8

"Drum improv: polyrhythms, Bonham and Roach and Graves and Art and Bacon and blastbeats and that voice in the fire escape and nowhere and potatoes and the earth and chickens and greeness and moon observance, solos for solo and duo dancing. We all miss being with people. We’re all doing things to keep going, knowing how much worse the experience of the Other could be. One day maybe we’ll play music with other people in a room."


Blood Music - Drums & electronics


Recorded live at The Park Studios rehearsal room, September-October 2020.

The cover is a sketch of Dogen with stuff coming out of and into his eyes.

Play loud.

1 - You Can Only Be Good Enough [05:14]
2 - Three Thousand Four Hundred and Thirty Two Hours of Protest [04:34]
3 - Love Is More than God Could Ever Be [05:56]
4 - What if the Autumn Never Ends [05:40]
5 - Respond, Don't React [06:58]
6 - Be Curious and Flexible [05:00]

Blood Music

Blood Music is “original Diagonal overlord” Simon Pomery. He’s released two 12”s on Diagonal Records (Blood Music E.P. and Chicks/Badgering), as well as tapes and CDRs on his own BMR label (Febrile Disorder, and Health, Wealth and Happiness, Libations and Sensations), and text-sound compositions in collaboration with voice artist Maja Jantar. He has performed his “drum-voice- synthesis” at Soup in Toyko, Club Stomp in Osaka, as well as a bunch of Euro fests: Atonal, Elevate, UH, Les Urbaines, Supernormal. For this show he is presenting SPEED READING WITH BLOOD MUSIC: a conceptual text/sound composition made up of 4 years of his written text, from poems to song lyrics, tweets to heckles: 6000 words to be played at 200 words per minute (what Pomery calls “WPM”). As a special treat he will be joined by his brother in blood, Kenichi Iwasa. Read live if you like. If not, the letters make a kind of light feature. It’s up to you.