Chris Corsano - Blood Pressure

Chris' no drum solo record.

"It wasn’t an exercise in constraint necessarily; it was just what I was feeling. I made that record because those were the sounds I was hearing in my head. The first solo record [Young Cricketer] wasn’t like it changed the world, but it did change my little world. It was a first statement, and that’s a powerful thing—it gives context to everything that comes after it. Since there's no point in saying the same thing twice, I felt like the second solo record should be as far away from the first as possible, while still feeling honest to me." Chris Corsano - Bomb Magazine


Chris Corsano / keyboards, electronics, microphone


Recorded April 10 & 15th, 2006.

Available as a 320k MP3 or 24bit FLAC download. 


1. The Cheer Up - 1:31
2. Sweeps - 1:10
3. Sweets - 1:16
4. Systolic - 9:33
5. Swedes - 1:11
6. Switches - 2:35
7. Diastolic - 5:11
8. Swears - 1:38
9. Sweats - 1:19
10. Pulse Pressure - 3:25
11. The Slow Down - 3:46


Chris Corsano

Chris Corsano is one of the greatest drummers working today. He has developed a percussive language of extraordinary amplitude and infinite resources. His collaborations stretch from free jazz greats (Joe McPhee, Paul Flaherty & more) to noise mavens (Bill Nace, C Spencer Yeh etc) and pop superstars (Björk). Capable of generating narrative out of permanent ecstasy, Corsano never ceases to be profoundly affirmative and imposing of his language, and being an absolute and charismatic virtuoso, he simultaneously is one of the most noble and generous improvisers of the few last decades.