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Cut A Lonely Figure – Sugimoto Seascapes

Cut A Lonely Figure is the solo musical project of Blue Tapes and X-Ray Records founder David McNamee. The work predominantly involves the use of acoustic instruments such as pipe organ, harmonium, piano, glockenspiel, singing bowl etc. with some software processing. Previous releases have appeared on the labels Bloxham Tapes, Pan Y Rosas Discos, and Blue Tapes.

Sugimoto Seascapes is the final instalment in a trilogy of releases - also featuring Rothko Horizons (Bloxham Tapes) and The Sea Is Half A Rothko That The Sky Crushes On (Blue Tapes) - that feature figurative depictions of sunrise, sunset and landscapes rendered in pipe organ, harmonium, piano, glockenspiel, rain sound and laptop.


Composed and performed by David McNamee
Recorded by Stacey Harvey at St. Andrew's Church, Surbiton on 23 November 2019
Mixed and mastered by Angel Marcloid
Artwork by Jumy-M


Released: Fractal Meat Cuts, 2020


1.) Sugimoto Seascapes side A

2.) Sugimoto Seascapes side B