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Ode Ji Ghast & Otto Willberg – WHATSAPPITE

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WHATSAPPITE is the batty collaborative debut from Mancunian long-time sparring partners Otto Willberg and Odie Ji Ghast: a bewildering assemblage of feral double bass and vocal vignettes spliced with rabid interjections from a handpicked cast of eccentrics.

Willberg and Ghast’s cuts ditch polish, finesse and good taste in favour of animal propulsion, taking base, off-the-cuff melodies and rhythms on a skew-wiff joy ride.

Bolstered by brain farts from Gwilly Edmondez, Elvin Brandhi, THF Drenching, Rachel Margetts, Sam Andreae, Arshon, and Biz, WHATSAPPITE marries proper abandon with unabashed ears for a hook.


Artwork by Odie Ji Ghast. Mastered by Owen Roberts. Tapes dubbed by Otto Willberg.

Available as 320k MP3 or 24bit FLAC 


1. Back In Plc
2. Ding & D & D & Bong
3. Good
4. S s s s shii
5. Hi Hello Seabass
6. Rant
7. :’(
8. Foxy Lame
9. Zzz Ahara Is A Place I’d Visit
10. In Spirit of Slow Songs
11. Jus B
12. Big Instatushin
13. Good Again
14. Roaming...